About Me

After college, I joined the Army as an officer. For six years (2.5 of those in Iraq), I lived the disciplined life.

But when it was time to get out, I craved the freedom to choose my own path in life. I went back to school to earn my MBA and found a cushy job in corporate finance.

That freedom brought some downsides with it. I grew too comfortable. I ate and drank too much and found myself constantly seeking pleasure.

Chris in the Army

I needed a change.

So I quit my six-figure job to start my own business. I hired a coach to teach me nutrition and fitness, but more importantly, to hold me accountable.

I started seeing benefits almost immediately. I built muscle and the fat started to melt away.

But I also grew disciplined in other areas as well. I grew my business (www.lochby.com) to seven figures. My relationships with my family and friends improved. I hardened my mind to the stresses of everyday life.

People around me started to notice and asked me for advice. So I decided to help people one-on-one as a coach. I provide customized fitness and nutrition plans, as well as the mindsets and habits to succeed in all areas of life.

My ecommerce brand, LOCHBY, is still my main source of income, so I don’t have the time to take on many coaching clients. That said, if you feel like you could benefit, please fill out the application, and let’s book a free phone call to discuss.